And so finally after 5 years the new album is out and it seems to be garnering a lot of positive responses from press, friends and fans alike. We knew when writing it we had something special and it seems most of you agree. The vinyl version was released at the same time and it looks and sounds impressive. It was a pity we had to juggle the songs around to fit on the vinyl version and it may lose some of the flow of the album we had intended but that is what the cd is for. If it was difficult to move songs around it was more difficult to leave one off the vinyl version completely, namely Transmissions, as we would all have loved to hear that on vinyl but so as not to cheat the vinyl only buyers we added a separate cd of the song. But fear not, as at the moment we are discussing releasing Transmissions as a separate 12” maybe towards the end of this year, if even only for ourselves. Also in the next couple of months we will see our 2 demos released on double cassette, new artwork and liner notes through Sentinel Records. The release is limited to 100 and the first 50 come with a free patch.  Go to the Sentinel website and check it out.

So we have busying ourselves the past few months answering interviews, designing some merchandise, rehearsing a few sets for our upcoming gigs and playing some old songs that have never left the cd they were on, until now. In fact we are just back from Siege of Limerick where we played a couple of new songs along with some Sulcus songs and they went down, down to the place where we all seem to inhabit. It’s strange playing the new ones for the first time but I think over the coming years some of them will become regulars in the set…and there is the rub…how now to pick a set from 5 albums of songs that rarely end before the 10 minute mark…should be fun.

From April until June we are busy with gigs, starting at the famous Roadburn festival where we will play The Sullen Sulcus in its entirety. We have been rehearsing some of the songs from it that have never been played since the album was recorded in 2002, namely Anger’s Steaming Arrows, a tough nut to crack with a double lead at the end….. also, the song My Sullen Sulcus was only played live once on tour in 2003 so we had some work to do getting those songs together. We then play in the Ukraine for the first time, Doom over Kiev and on to Russia, back to our friends in Moscow Doom festival and if the last time is anything to go by this should be a cracker of a show. May sees us at Dordrecht Doom Day and June we are back in London in The Garage. August sees us in Romania for the first time at Dark Bombastic Evening,we will be spending a few days in Romania, visit some castles, get drunk and have some fun… seems maybe our hard work locked in the rehearsal room in 2012 perhaps did pay off. And towards the end of the year we may be planning something closer to home

The new website is up and running and will be kept updated monthly unless we have nothing to say. We have a new feature, the fanzone and if you have anything MB related just mail them to and we will put it up for you