Radio silence terminated

Radio silence has been terminated.

Transmissions recommence:

After nearly a year without a proper update from the Bog, enough of the jigsaw pieces have fallen into place for us to feel confident to revel what we have been working on behind the scenes since we last spoke.

Mourning Beloveth are proud to announce that we have agreed to move forward in co-operation with the wonderfully eclectic Van Records from Germany. Negotiations were sealed in the time honored tradition of a firm handshake, a good Irish ale and a round of Jagerbombs.
The first fruits of this relationship will enter the corporal world before the end of this calendar year, and take the form of our first ever ep, containing 3 new songs.

Rust & Bone, the title of the upcoming ep, will be committed to tape this coming September, at Skyhammer Studio, Cheshire, U.K. with Mr. Chris Fielding again at the helm.

In tandem with working on the material for the new ep, plans are in progress that will bring The Apocalypse Machine to a stage near you before years end.

We are delighted to accept the offer to participate in the inaugural staging of The Fires of Samhain: Initium. Taking place over the Halloween weekend in Dublin and featuring the cream of the European underground, Mourning Beloveth will take the stage on the Friday night playing a set comprised solely of the songs from our organic Formless blight. And there maybe some other surprises revealed before we slip back from whence we came.

We are winding down our merchandise sale on our website over the next few weeks. It will be the last chance for anybody who would like to get some Formless, A Disease for the Ages and Murderous Circus themed merch. We will continue to sell these items until the end of May.


On a related note, we will be starting a pre order in the next few weeks for a brand new Mourning Beloveth logo shirt. These designs will be based on the very first MB shirts ever printed over 15 years ago. This will be printed in accordance with the pre orders we receive, and all details will be posted soon.

There are many other irons in several fires, so expect some updates regarding some festival appearances, a European tour and a very special vinyl release in the very near future.

Lastly, Mourning Beloveth would collectively like to congratulate Frank and Anne on the birth of their son Emil, and to wish Brendan and Rebecca all the best for their impending nuptials.