Upcoming gigs and Festivals

Seven days to play 3 songs……longest doom songs ever…..

It’s been a while since our last update, as usual, and the summer months have crept into our lives with an unnerving ease. It is usually around this time in the Mourning Beloveth cycle that we would be in the midst of writing a new album but it hasn’t worked out that way this time round. Firstly and most importantly we had the pleasure of welcoming a new member into the band so we thought we would play one or two gigs to welcome him. This spiralled around December when we were asked to play the seventh addition of Doom Shall Rise, after a six year break, and how could we say no to our German friends. Suffice to say, after a gig in Limerick we were ready to headline DSR on the Friday night in the chapel and it turned out to be one of our best sets in a while and the crowd reaction confirmed our thoughts on the gig. Next up was SWr in Portugal…

What was supposed to be 3 days in the sun with some cheap wine and a 40 minute set turned in to 7 days as the now infamous volcanoe cloud took it’s toll on our flights and we could not leave for another 3 days, after the initial 2 hours of cursing our luck we made the most of it with plenty of sun, cheap beer and food. The gig was good but as anyone who has heard us will understand a 40 minute set has us only warming into the surroundings and suddenly we are finished but hey at least we got to play to alot of people who have probably never heard us before. Last weekend saw us return to London after 4 years to play with our friends Esoteric. Again a great night, the venue was packed and every band played a great set, sounds like mindless platitudes but this time they happen to be true. We really enjoyed our set and slightly taken aback by the amount of people there to see us. A big thanks to Miika and his crew for the night, hopefully we won’t leave it four years before the next gig
And so, next up we have Hells Pleasure in Germany on July 23 and 24 with an underground line up to compete with any festival, and if last year is anything to go by it should be a great weekend. September and we return home to play the second edition of Dublin Doom Day with our friends Officium Triste. We are planning a slightly different set to the usual at this mainly due to the fact that it will be the fourth gig in Ireland in under 2 years so we owe it to ourselves and to the people who come to see us regularly to change things around. Madrid is the Dark fest in October, organised by our old comrade, and cloud metal specialist Adrian Butler will be our first gig in Spain since Doomination of Europe so many moons ago. And keep an eye to the site as we may have one or two more announcements regarding gigs for the rest of 2010.

To other news, and finally the 10” split with our friends Wreck of the Hesperus has been released, 5 years of thinking about it, one night of recording and a year wait to press it…at least we haven’t lost our slow touch, but we think it was worth the wait. The artwork turned out perfectly and our take on Nick Cave’s “The Weeping Song” sound s just as we imagined it, bleak, melancholic full of passion and most of all a touch of the MB sound,and judging by the reaction alot of other people think so too. This release is made all the more poignant as it is the final recording Brian made with us before he left the band last october. Obviously a limited pressing so anyone who wants one now is the time from Sentinel Records….and this will not be appearing in any other format…ever.

So onwards and down to a dark summer and hopefully by the end of the year our minds will have turned to writing a new album….