Old and New

And once again, we succeed where another year has failed. We’re still here.

2010 has once again proved to be a busy and successful year for MB.
Although some of you may have been waiting for news of our next studio
album, this year we concentrated on introducing Pauric to the madness of
MB on the road and in the beer tent.

A full and varied diary of gigs started for us at the Siege of Limerick in
April, and Pauric’s first appearance with us. Along the way we managed to
blaze a trail through Doom Shall Rise VII (Germany), SWR XIII (Portugal),
a special one off gig in London (UK), Hells Pleasure (Germany), headlining
the amazing success that was Dublin Doom Day II on home soil, Madrid is
the Dark II (Spain), an eleventh hour helping hand to our friends at Dutch
Doom Days IX (Holland), before bidding 2010 a resounding ‘Fuck Off’ in
Cork in December. We even managed to drag some forgotten gems from our
past albums back into our live set, some never before played live and some
never to be played again.

Sentinel Records also saw fit to unleash upon the world our split 10′ with
Wreck of the Hesperus. ‘The Weeping Song 10’ was our only release in
2010, and anyone that knows us or spoke to us know how proud we are of it.
Sentinel still has some copies available, so if you missed it now is your

So, gazing into our crystal ball, what does 2011 hold for MB?

Writing. And more writing. Its been three long years since we recorded
‘Disease’, and right now all our collective waking moments are concerned
with writing and recording the next, as yet untitled, full length. We have
upwards of forty hours of riffs collected, and the slow, frustrating and
often violent process of turning these into actual songs now lies ahead.
It will be finished, just as all the previous albums, when we are happy
with it, and not before. There is no scheduled studio date, no vague
promises or timeline.
To this end, we have decided to give live performances a break for the
duration of 2011.
We have played an enormous number of gigs in the years since we released
‘Disease’, and now its time to concentrate on the next chapter.
We do, however, have plans for the rest of our back catalogue to join
‘Dust’ on a long over due vinyl release, with at least two of those due
this year. Announcements will be made when the time is closer. We also
hear rumours of a few live recordings taken of a few of this year’s
shows. Time will tell.

A sincere and doomfelt thanks goes out to all the booking agents,
promoters, stagehands, sound engineers, light engineers, merch people,
drivers and anyone else that helped make it all happen. To all the bands,
both old friends and new, that we were honoured to share a stage with .And
of course, to all who came to the shows, bought merch and supported MB
through one of our busiest years. Cheers.

So 2010, a year of gigs, mudbaths, volcanic ash clouds, cancelled flights,
damaged flight cases, Superbok, sunburn and falling asleep standing up.
See you all in 2012. Maybe