Nothing…yet everything

So it was November last year since a website update and for good reason, we had nothing to say.
The hours of riffs we had for the next album were discarded, as usual, and we began constructing and deconstructing the new stuff with a clean white board. And as the winter months slowly creep in things are beginning to slowly take shape. All minds focused on the strands that will link together the ideas that have been floating around the rehearsal room this year. We have no name, no artwork, no theme just the beginning of things to come and it sounds slow, long and torturous. Vague discussions of a summer 2012 recording in some valley begin and the abandonment of hope for an xmas number 1 are , at this stage, quiet real.
Two things are certain this year though, the imminent release on vinyl of A Disease for the Ages on Grau towards the end of the year. The cover art will be the same as used on the shirts and things crossed it should look great. And on its tenth anniversary we also plan on releasing the vinyl version of The Sullen Sulcus with revised artwork courtesy of Paul McCarrol using the original idea, just a few shades of grey to the left.
We will be updating regularly over the coming months so keep checking.