March 2004 Newsletter

All dates with While Heaven Wept, Mourning Beloveth and Thee Plague of Gentlemen except * MB do not play.

April 3 Goeppingen-Germany- The Chapel (Doom Shall Rise)
April 4 Ludwigsburg- Germany -Rockfabrik, Club 2 (Mirror of Deception+ Pantheist)
April 5 Nurnberg -Germany-Kunstverein (Penance, Orodruin,)
April 6 Munich- Germany- Titanic City
April 7 Wurzburg- Germany-Immerhin
April 8 Rotterdam-Holland -Baroeg (Penance, Orodruin,)*
April 9 Gronigen-Holland-Vera (Officium Triste, Pantheist)
April 10 Gent-Belgium-Belgian Doom Night


Dust and The Sullen Sulcus shirts have been printed and we will have them for the tour. We have sold out of the first batch of MB badges but more should arrive soon.

New Album

We have just confirmed a booking in in Germany from October 18th to 29th for the recording of the follow up to the highly successful The Sullen Sulcus. The album is yet untitled but there are six songs being worked on at the moment encompassing the usual MB style along with a new dimension that was perhaps hinted at on the split 7″.