Formless (2013)

Full-length, Grau – February 24, 2012

Disc I
01. Theories Of Old Bones
02. Ethics On The Precipice
03. Old Rope
04. Formless
05. Nothing Has A Centre

Disc II
01. Transmissions

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Theories of Old Bones

they passed by flames almost out

here even the wind destroys bones

time turns into space bones ache
drawn out like an ache bones space
it smelled like slow death bones ache

and they crawled along the floor hungry and lean and looking for more
the stench followed me out of the gloom, a ghost of rage
a memory of cruel fatigue screams heard bone deep
there is nothing to breathe into the heart the cold drifted

to the pit where we twist and cringe bones ache
huddled away from the daylight pale and white
hollowed into a numbness no need for pain or wasting disease
for it’s the same ragged tangle of fears,
the same strange sense of aimlessness
that knot of rage scoured the floor of the skull

life had drifted away to some far off point inside leaving the body to automatic ruin
fall through the ether and that slow sweat of time gnawing at my entrails
silent as the drift of death

Ethics on the Precipice

it’s a murky world that dull dark light that is animal greed
where every human element is boiled away the cracks in reality
to the white bone of animal agony for this is the edge of everything
the cracks down the sides of reality
the spaces between the cord drifting shoals of waste in the drear places
the final disorder of all forms the cracks in reality

for this is the edge of everything a point where it does not decay anymore the dust finally gets out it belongs to the end
I felt the edge of a strange euphoria the sky like poisoned silver with the leavings of unhuman minds somewhere towards the end

construction of things fell apart the cold sweating centre
ripping along nerves digging into marrow down in the blood depths
where everything grows entwined dead grey flesh pressing against the cord
muscles knot pushed all the way to drown out everything strange
to sweat you in your bed a memory of water

somewhere towards the end
it is slow and cold
in the sludge of human misery
empty of dreams burning with tension
but it’s early here at the end
the heart dragging and
the chill of old silver
right at the end of the world

clawing the bottom of my lungs
at the corners of perception
like ragged glass over nerves
you will have to claw it from them
crushing life into the methane
watch the old earth ebb away
a sound like the universe apart
like the sorrow of a dream

Old Rope

this place is for people who like the way down

we are the hollow men leaning together
old men wringing our minds of thought

the world never had so many moving parts
that sought form
there is something about this place
it seduces me

sagged in ruin a rope around my neck
around my feet like concrete it drains away
that drug that final moment like concrete
the skeleton of life that drug like concrete

we have been sucking up the vapours for aeons
the universal decay that contaminant destroys us all
trying to find a voice for the agony the corrosion
what is this new terror? it will make corpses of us all
rub your hands not in fear but in the knowledge that…
many are the hands that dig my grave tonight

Dead Channel

the slow dark sludge melted down and solidified
full of poison insanity and nightmares
inside nothing outside emptiness
it mothers demons that move
the grace of addiction

with a head full of noise and pills waves of raw transference
tuned to a dead channel in search of a new womb
it is mere content deprived of form everything is waste
nobody seems to notice the absence of a living substance
there was something else in the silence that I heard
like something hauled from dreams and abandoned

the mind drinks less and less
people going nowhere somewhere following the moon tide like so many leaden idols
leave them for the flies and the carcass of a dead world
the universal rubble nothing left to rot
abandoned and formless

there are no mountains to make them cower
all we seem to live for is pleasure end it burn it the fire is clean
putting out the stars and extinguish the sun you seem to come away lost

end it burn it nothing is clean
no one seems to listen anymore a head full of noise and pills
burn it end it it feeds on silence
but there is something in the silence I heard it screams at me

end it burn it if you let it burn it will burn our lifetimes out

we have some leaks in the system where reality filters through
a non linear flood of facts with each pulse of nothingness
they show us trailers to make us hold onto nothingness
splinters of a substance that pulsates like a former heart
an anchor drawing us to oblivion and the bones
the bare bones of existence an anchor to oblivion

Nothing has a Centre

a cancerous day nothing to guide
all the monuments of slower aeons sank into the loam
even time decays like a razor through creation
as I sifted through the bones of a soiled humanity
with swirls of light and meaning drained out of the universe
a fever dream or a brooding advanced decay?

the hollow of night drifts like the slowest sea of all
the edges failed every fragment rushed away
thrown around the centrifuge of space
disintegrating set of cells disintegrate space
woven back together with chemical thread
cord which makes us live

branches run down with bones of ancient stone
and roots grow up with the weight of the air
interminable ennui
a ragged cascade of neurons edging out
the roots were so shallow once free to stagnate

it slowly drains away to a level that can’t be reached
decay non being urging death
roots grow down with ancient stone

swarms of purest crystal expand reality something high very pure and empty
above the lines of light and when we reach the highest point things fall apart in all forms created

time passed unused bestial and lonely
a gaunt catalogue of bones and hollows

the frame tested to destruction as veins tremble and secrete
but what if time is the disease an essence of discarded nothing

roots grow up with ancient stone
interminable ennui
branches run down with bones of air
cascading neurons
urging death decay and non being
stagnant relics
free to suck the marrow of time or nothing.


“Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date.
In this way every prediction could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct;
nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of
the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. Scraped clean and re-inscribed

The past had not merely been altered, it had been actually destroyed.
For how could you establish even the most obvious fact when no record existed outside your own memory?
All history scraped clean and re-inscribed exactly as often as was necessary.
War is peace Freedom is slavery Ignorance is strength
The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact, there will be no thought,
as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking-not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.
Scraped clean and re-inscribed exactly as often as was necessary.
Orthodoxy is ignorance Ignorance is slavery War is Peace
The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.
The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not victory but to keep the
very structure of society intact, scraped clean and re-inscribed War is peace Freedom is slavery Ignorance
is strength”
they were said to be building a palace in the sky but nothing changes
everything stays the same just wrapped in different plastic I am too dead for dreaming
we will be remembered for what we destroyed a world of corpses
a world of corpses decay and collapse where we spoke of pain
a rope around my neck but we will make corpses of you all
time will make us sell it so short in our race down

we think we know things and are close to mastery yet time passes
we have become gods knowing what is good and evil and so we live with the knowledge of death
sublime intoxication
will this destroy me? rot my body? groin to dry, catch my thoughts in rots?
the more I know the more I need to get me through
sublime intoxication

when did the future become a threat?
the past has been destroyed
the war is not meant to be won
all history turns to plastic
scraped clean and re-inscribed
some things are so corrupt that
the only clean act is nihilism
as we slip and disintegrate
layer by layer
if we don’t build we must burn
civilisation is the infection
where we revere the sticky spoor of blood
these are brutal times

A Disease For The Ages (2008)

Full-length, Prophecy Productions – May 13, 2008

1. The Sickness 13:08
2. Trace Decay 08:46
3. Primeval Rush 12:44
4. The Burning Man 10:47
5. Poison Beyond All 10:31

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1. The Sickness

Til’ the needle
finds the vein
The drug hits
Eyes grow dim

Deconstruction, purified
Sublimation intensifies
Habit hardens veins
Softens the bleakness

Softens the bleakness a marker for disease
A hole where we leak out of existence
A long lingering in my throat
As all life’s blood drains away

The body suspended in the dark
Bitter gall hiding like organs
In a jar blackened and grinning
Twisting and contorted tipped with poison

The malodorous mix of bottom feeders
Crawl from the primordial soup stunted and deformed
Flesh eaten to the bone eaten from the inside
Bones crushed crushed to dust
Nothing escapes but poison
The body radiates violence a parasite of thought

Deconstruction, purified
Sublimation intensifies
Habit hardened veins
Softens the bleakness

Deconstruction intensified

Softens the bleakness
All life’s blood drains away
All life’s blood drains away

Habit hardened veins
All life’s blood drains away
All life’s blood drains away
Deconstruction sublime

2. Trace Decay

The blackest of organs lying on the floor throbbing and glistening full of deep bitter wants
Dirty blood trickles gushes then torrents flow down to the gutter where nobody knows
It clots and hardens under the weight of these mouldy truths

Crawling down its black throat
All mangled and devastated
It festers and decomposes
Colourless odourless
Without nourishment

Its taking hold the pain the narcotic
Cutting through the spleen
Severing devouring everything
The pain of it ploughs me over

Frothing heaving sucking the air from my lungs
A shelter for maggots
Intoxicated rancid distorted sleep the worm vomits vats of despair
Twisting shapes from thin air
Damaged cells lying everywhere

Crawling down its black throat
All mangled and devastated
It festers and decomposes
Colourless odourless
Without nourishment

3. Primevil Rush

Anesthetized sleep
Just conscious of life
Collapsing around
Us in grainy pieces

A rare alchemy of sea and stars explode
It mesmerises me
What we have known of pleasure was nothing
The frenzied passion, it strangles, suffocates
But the space intrudes, malign and ruthless

A hundred years explodes in that half moment
Stepping outside the temporal load time unstuck
For this is the peak the moment time slows down
Where gravity disappears from the vacuum

Blood rushing through ushering the rays of chaos
Everything becomes non linear, an endless space
As shivers creep down my spine all else in waves
In the conscious hour the hour of none

I feel it tighten round my throat
As i strangle out whats left
poisonous veins bulge the residue of pleasure
My skin it crawls with the primeval rush

Its strangle how the mind can twist
Wave upon demented wave just like a pulse
Poisonous veins bulge with the residue of pleasure
My skin it crawls with the primeval rush…

Wave upon demented wave just like a pulse
To one vast chord of wound
That already clots and stales
In the darkest hour the hour of none

The conscious hour the hour of none

4. The Burning Man

There is something grey before the dawn something burning
Bodies in their black bags consigned to the flame
Bathing in the flame of a burning ache through my core

As creatures we are trying to crawl back through the creation to the worm
A holocaust the feral gene
Deadly strychnine taking hold wrapping itself round every sinew

What is left a burning seething mass
The air dank with the heady odour of decadence
Choking out the decadence leaves emptiness

Scared with scars carspaces over the body
Monuments to our destruction
A mixture both terrible and beautiful

The flames rise the pulse of primal existence
The grinding repitition such dullness the edges seem to fade
It burns away the black day gone

5. Poison Beyond All…

Emerge like a nocturnal organism fresh from its pupa
Salivating, mutinous, a swarm attractant for the damned

Connected to nothing
Waiting for the next peak
Sensory excitation
Muscles twitch
Excessive compulsion
Nerves Cauterised
Treacherous -insomnia
Drained exhausted
The soft underbelly
Exposed destroyed
Liminal time
Tortures Crown

(This is where)the definite made infinite
Without physical beginning or end
Cathartic sublimation dilated longing
Everything seems blurred at the edges
The nothing gushing past in relentless torrents
Destroying the source the anti structure we must vacate

Pain with the poison pain the first horizon
Disease nothing but the poison beyond all of them
Such an elemental force we must bend to
With the tempest of longing until we can take no more

Weep not for it … is all the better lost

A Murderous Circus (2005)

Full-length,Grau – March 29, 2005

1. The Apocalypse Machine 14:40
2. Elemental Nausea 11:46
3. The Crashing Wave 14:11
4. Nothing (The March of Death) 19:43
5. …Yet Everything 14:45

The limited edition digipak version contains a 2nd CD with Bonus Tracks:

1. Disintegrate (10:09)
2. Part 1 (Re-Recorded) (6:38)
3. The Words That Crawled (Live) (11:18)
4. The Mountains are Mine (Live) (8:54)
5. Narcissistic Funeral (Live) (12:16)
6. Part 1 (Live) (6:56)

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1. The Apocalypse Machine

Faceless, numberless days, grey isolation
Time featureless crushing hope
Intense corrpted Bliss moments
Nothing, the Machine
Everything grinds us down
Escape until we seep, Nothing, the blackened soil

Flying in elegant circles, drift through time and space
Crumble under the wight of sheer intense bliss
Where everything is nothing and nothing – everything
It is a meaningless dearm from which we need to escape?
Tear at the psyche
To bring us down
Where everything is
And nothing everthing

Delve through the ether, drown in emptiness
I need nothing, I want it all
I need nothing I want the world to crawl
Somewhere in its depths
Lies what we have been looking for
I need nothing I want it all
I need nothing I want the world to crawl

flying in elegant circles, drifting through time
Crumble under the weight of sheer intense bliss
Where everything is nothing and nothing – everything
It’s a meaningless dream
From which we need to escape?
Tear at the psyche to bring us down
The machine rolls through town

2. Elemental Nausea

It’s cold (so fucking cold)
A sordid trip to the wowels of creation

The seductive wasteland, marrow of the world
That gentle melancholy that so endeared in times past

It seems to hang with an unnerving ease
I’ve been here before but now it seems there is no way out

There is now way out but down, the ante chambers to nothing
The terror scratching at the surface of sanity

Eyes are plucked
The jackals are coming

Hands are bleeding
Raw from the scratching

Freedom lies
The depths of

Freedom lies
Through the ether

Elemental nausea
Free to stagnate
Grinding elation
Oppressive opiates
Residue of flesh
Through the ether

3. The Crashing Wave

The dregs of the morning drift by greeting us with leaden winged despair
So come down
It clapsps with crooked hands and tears at the torso, ripping the flesh
So come down

It leaves but the scum, filth of the earth, stranded poisonous
Soak up the arid wasteland through every fibre of my being
Hold on to the high crashing wave, it may be our only chance of escape
So come down, come down with me, it may be our only chance of escape

Lurking in the shadows psychological self loathing violent desire
Slaughter the first born the debris of joy it’s all that’s left
But this is my only chance of escape the crashing wave
So I’ll hold on until I crumble under the weight

A stagnant pit of twisted bones and contorted features wrapped in flesh
Yet stranded to wallow between the walls of destruction
A vacuum created by the desolation and loss of hope a sigh

A sighm a fatal glance to the fading pain that crouches in the corner

For the night is upon us, the triumphant return of joy
Immortality, intensity the need to escape
It seems to be coming through in waves the need to escape

And beneath its swell the search for absolution continues it’s downward spiral
I wade through the fifth, terminal hope

Its infectious this murder
Its infectious, this murderous circus

4. Nothing (The March of Death)

A figure of despair staring into the nothingness, lost among life suckers. So
small standing by the ocean sensing the rain, worn out from grieving through
a storm of rage.I have succumbed to sorrow, the hoary darkness and the
all-consuming silence, for I had such hopes and dreams, dreams that fell like
vapours throug the summer air. I had such thoughts, thoughts that would crush
mountains and blunt the very daggers to my heart and yet the mere sliver of
hope sent to the corner to be lost among life’s pain…. immortal.

My bones
are weary; weary from this malignant mortality we hold on to with such grim
despair that it becomes all-consuming. In the glowering sickly green depths
of my misery I’ve drank deep textures and grotesque ecstacy it’s elementary
splendour reminded of the labyrinthine intricacies of being, the squalor,
the bewildering diversities and its lonely existence. A journey through a
half dream, each step a death. To slip right through the cracks unnoticed or pause
and question the meanderings of time. The grey vastness we hold onto, The
glum adhesive that binds us through. No!

Hark! A footfall, the march of death
A hollow call to arms from the grave
A curator of dead souls brings us down
Is it a shadow of life or just some vision?

Apocalyptic dreams
Hark! A curator of our dead souls

Who is it that walks so solemnly through the graves?
Is it a shadow or just some vision?
Apocalyptic dream
Tracing patterns to bring us down

Who is it that walks?
The March of Death

5. …Yet Everything


Somewhere between the chaos and sulphurous light
Into that strange arena where attraction and repulsion meet

Where love and hate divides, only to meet at a point

Aeons spent dragging the mortal trash through a slow existence, its worn me down
I’ve emptied my veins into the earth for the last time as the weight of death
creeps through the silence – nothing perpared me for this

The space where my misery breahes has worn me down
I’ve emptied my veins into the earth for the last time

I’ve drank from the depths of the world

And poured my cup on the heavens
The dull playground
Between the chaos and explosive stillness

Where light and dark serve a purpose
To which humanity must bend

The trouble is I thought we’d live forever
The truth is we were dead before we were born
If I wake again it will be in hell
If I see you again it will be in hell

Desire and suffering, the source of our delusions
They are only the extreme points to which we bend
Where the need for excess brings balance
No more torture, no more pain

It’s pouring through my veins
No more torture, no more pain

The Sullen Sulcus (2002)

Full-length, Aftermath – December 15, 2002
Rereleased by Grau records in January 2006
Recorded at Academy Studios from may 30th till june 7th 2000.

1. The Words That Crawled 12:25
2. It Almost Looked Human 07:21
3. The Insolent Caul 10:08
4. Narcissistic Funeral 13:33
5. My Sullen Sulcus 11:23
6. Anger’s Steaming Arrows 10:38

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1. The Words That Crawled

Lie in endless wait behind some cold shadow for a stream of stars that have long since died.
Their burnt cinders fall upon my heaped corpse and seep into my open pores.

With the deadened silence of my exiled mind shattered a torturous word crawled to the darkest cavern of my being where a dim glow resonated from the eyes of my dead dream and tore a hole in my lachrymal sleep.
‘Twas as if I had motioned the skies to part, and a piece of heaven to tumble past my hungry eyes when a single lonely drop fell to the inviting earth and buried unending furrows to carve me open.

An absurd drop of pain within such a vast ocean of disease
presented a dismal glimmer of searing bliss that passedin such a blinking moment
that it might have slipped unnoticed but for the piercing cries in my heart
The dismal moments have now passed to flounder between the sea
and disease and lay waste to your bubbling pores.

The soft murmurs poured forgiving
and with envious assault laid waste my breath

In fleeting moments of joy a knock betrayed the vigilant ear and drowned in vastness.

You see through the dream, behind the vacant smile of the dead

And cut the seams, that held together my breath
Lifeless I lie, thoughts tear my mind and you fly
Your sharpened breath, echoes these halls for life
Slip the warm knife through my searing flesh
Nefarious agony slips inside my smile

As the swallow lands and bleeds, to suck the light and with it weave, dark veils of strangling gloom to cover this silent room.

A fragment of shuddering light appeared and began to bite at the air, so thick with deceit, that all stood still, all was weak

to echo through your soft, murmurous heart
and pierce your every word.
The dreaming veil strangles your shortening breath
as oceans of pain wash through your open veins and pour to the inviting earth.

To leave not a trace of those moments
that filled the empty halls and cold
would be to close the shutters on the day(and to dream behind a veil).
The word that crawled around inside falls away.

2. It Almost Looked Human

With raiment bedecked by the grey, cloudfilled sky and the larks song pouring
on the dying day the chain upon my limbs, groping the fleshless wounds,
devoured the yearning bowels of compassion from foetal darkness.

Sleep derived from falling to escape breathless depths
where the dreamless pursuit is shattered, fused by contrivance

from stained womb, drowning in the air so thick with deceit
that the vapours of passion drop to your feet.

“From this angle it almost looked human
But the hole in the ocean just swallowed me up”

Down here you may hear a sharpened scream
forming featureless, enfettered states
that have me tearing the walls of danger
down here all is dark and dazzling

Slain by bliss and grief I kissed the raindrop on your taut, wooden cheek to reveal an empty cry that passed in the swaying of the breeze.

3. The Insolent Caul

In possession of a celestial object the obtrusive fatigue lay still in a corner.

The vivid, shuddering emotion let loose on the flawed pursuit returned bare.

To walk among intricate ordeals, to survive the artifical heaven that turned the marble monuments pale is
a cold effigy to the dulcet murmurings of loneliness.

The insolent caul spoke of forgetfulness and the glittering air that tends the limpid seasons. The sea of reason clawed its way to a height and came crashing down, while the blazing thoughts lay vunerable beneath the elusive gaze.

The distance is not a door but a silent, black wall to which we are committed. The moon is gone but my lidless sleep remembers its traces like fingerless hands crawling on my back.

The sinister duel between waking and torture rages on as the dour hours slowly fall.

4. Narcissistic Funeral

Opened my veins yesterday and poured in the twilight
with its dead promises. Nothing makes sense in an imaginary
world that no one can touch. In the strange hours I dream of evenings

under moonrise and of fashioned ideals before they could turn
and go, had seeped their treachery into my widowed summers. Is this my lover, this face of death? I recoil to the unmoving view.

The soft, voiceless emotions escape the exhausted frame to assail
tomorrows empty heaven. The dawn, with its dull smell, fills my nostrils

and the stench of a burning sun separates the hope from silent lips.

There is something painful in the first spring bud of life, it tears at the insides and claws at the doors of tenderness
that riseth in black forms from an obsolete graveyard.

To cast my eyes on the horrors you have created or to turn and gaze
at the clouds? It remains cold and dark and the painless times revel in
a distant memory that only seem to trespass when the night is clear.

The bitterness tastes sweet and it conjures up images
of a narcissistic funeral
that injure my dreams
narcissistic dreams

The wordless world bleeds to the point of despair and the failed attempts to move end in quiet massacres. The lurid calm is a stalking mountain that eludes the perceptive eye but eventually overwhelms to send us cowering.

5. My Sullen Sulcus

Through a mirror of silver my sullen sulcus portrays some dark anger.
For the grey lights wrapped their chaotic shape round my tired,hungry eyes.

Fractaled rancour bleeds through the lifeless mirror within which
all hope sprawls, dangling from the cool draught of air to amuse us all.
The black and white frames which flash unerringly, bend

they bend to an end, touched by scorching sunlight and this self induced madness
Where I see the world explode into miniscule droplets of unnerving sadness
But to stop would be to blunt the very stars that shine from behind a threatening stone.
The yellow beams, touched by starlight, delve the shrieking
tortured air, to founder in a sea of ether and a planet of fools.

Idle minutes devour
Open space, seething nebula

takes hold and strangles
dripping torment. Bright and lucid

Colours meld
design that seem to dip and swerve
to fathomless depths, where eyes can drink

the sights of dreams.

It is in these moments of ponderous nausea that the scattered
atoms solidify

The cruel, silver portrait swallowed by time itself had uttered nothing
but truth through the separated darkness.
With morningfall, emptied
it?s aching particles into the reaches of my furrows.

6. Anger’s Streaming Arrows

From the window the sky empties to nothing
and the murder of crows, with their ravished beaks,

groan for the hollowed inhabitants of the passing day.

Insatiable sorrow, with its draughty halls, sent a gleaming sword to consume the passing madness only to be plunged into a diminishing perspective.

Inside I trawl the motionless ravines, a twisting hatred that bubbles from under the steaming, scarlet brook while the incessant rain washes away the gnawing of your imprisoned eyes.

Anger, with it?s steaming arrows, cuts through the dank air
dissecting the worn out guilt of October?s echoes that drip sadly

from the dead branches.

but before they could leave
they spent a cold summers eve
tending the knotted despair
of a ravaged corpse.

Dust (2001)

Full-length, Brón Records – January 23rd, 2001
Rereleased by Grau records in January 2006

1. The Mountains Are Mine 09:35
2. In Mourning My Days 06:36
3. Dust 14:48
4. Autumnal Fires 12:01
5. All Hope Is Pleading 10:03
6. Sinistra 02:59

Re-released in 2002 by Sentinel records with 3 added bonus tracks:

6. It Almost Looked Human (unmixed version of the song that later appears on “The Sullen Sulcus”)
7. Sinistra
8. Forever Lost Emeralds (taken from the demo “Autumnal Fires”)

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1. The Mountains Are Mine

I have tasted it many nights upon my tongue
the foreboding that worse lay in the dregs
as I await some Stroke of Doom
From a corner of this weeping earth
my thoughts unfold onto this world
and leave me cowering for refuge
from torment and pain
In silence I weep
for lost memories so deep
that I have torn all ties
with the physical
So let me build a wooden bridge
to the moon
and I will rip the heavens apart
with my thoughts and my anguish

Linger in forgotten mountains all alone
Cold beneath the moon
Seek me and you’ll find me
Licking dirt from the ground

Mountains are mine
Foundations of fine wine
Never will you find
For they are buried in my mind
In silence I weep
My loneliness so deep
For they are buried in time
Realised in your mind

Overwhelming anguish
seeps through these veins
turning my blood to ice
never to flow again
Under innumerable stars
in vivid brightness
my mind was naked for all to pick
Now free to roam
across the jagged pieces (of heaven)
wrapping myself round pieces (of heaven)
Thoughts start to creep
around my heart
in vivid brightness
in vivid darkness

The cold night draws in and the children are skulking

With fear of reprisal, but the Mountains are Mine.

2. In Mourning My Days

Your nailed Beauty Shames them of Life

My Life, My Love, My Mourning Beloveth.

3. Dust

Time tears a hole in existence
To languish supinely in torture
See the essence of life
In shafts of light and shade
Remnants gathered by trembling hands
Are now scattered across the world
To form lifeless clouds of dust
That bind my falling limbs

Seamless visions and blurred moments
Hold my hands with chains of sand
Daylight breath as cold as razors
Cut my insides and leave me bleeding
A wish for deepening darkness to hide me
From all the pain and misery falls dead

Shards of broken light scar me so deep
That I darken my eyes to the world and light
(Is life but foreplay to a death we fear with each passing breath?)
Perpetual motionless time has numbed
All senses that once I held dear
The walls drip with moisture in this
Lonely shell I slip away so no one can see
Into the unknown where all stands still
In a moment of death

Time tears a hole in existence
Through shafts of light and shade
Trembling hands scatter my life dust
Into a perfect death

4. Autumnal Fires

A moonlit balcony reveals a majestic beauty
“When grief wrapped its cold arms around my body
The embers still flicked in the autumn of our love”
The sight of your beauty breaks the hold of sorrow
on me

Wandering with passion in our hearts
Smelling the melodious scent of orchards bloom
On a mountain top, gazing at the evening sky
In the midst of life twisting we bleed
Mesmerising fires breath, eternal life
Adorning tragedies, the wind carries
Fatal embrace in harmony
Somnolent crying

Leaves fall caressing out body
Empty the world we once knew
Our fires of passion and bliss
Doused by rains of of [sic] morrow

5. All Hope Is Pleading

The silent universe seeks echoes to live
to catch a glance but afraid to give
For the moments are not measured in time
but in knowledge where some live sublime
So this fire must be nourished from birth
to realise we are born from the dirt

The silence of a world without you
the laughing is over now
All sound we swallow with pride
quenched within a sea
The swell and dip
swallowed and hollowed through

To lose the fight for life
last breath, fighting the life I breath
The surge and swell of rain
trickles through, my thoughts each time I die
My thoughts are taking form
under clouds, the struggle goes on
Striving for pain and now I breath
never feel, what is this life for?
All hope is pleading
last day, for death has come
Rotting away for we are drowned
our days, fall on this night I breath
This plague into us breaths
our conception, for we are dead
Lead the way to murder,
realise, we are never born

Enter light of pain as we are dead again
As the sea swells and dips with emotion losing its grip
Swallowed and hollowed again by the mere existence of pain

All hope is dead again
All hope is pleading for existence
The surge and swell of pain ruins me
Trickles through every breath I take

Lunar Gate Split 7 Inch (2003)

Split, Sentinel Records – September 2003.
Limited to 500 copies

1. Mourning Beloveth – Part 1
2. Lunar Gate – Latitude (Variation 2003)

Autumnal Fires (1998)

Demo – April, 1998

Recorded & Mixed in Poppyhill Studios April 11th & 12th 1998.

Engineered by Graham Ryan and Paul Jordan.
Produced by Graham Ryan and Adrian Butler.

1. Forever Lost Emeralds 11:28
2. A Haunting Vision (this obsequious dream) 10:39
3. Autumns Fires in Somnolent Harmony 14:33

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1. Forever Lost Emeralds

On desolate shores sitting all alone my jewelled cup had once been overflowing now emptied your poison takes
my life the emerald has now turned to stone our castles have overgrown Sea Princess take my hand once more
carry me to dark emerald lands of loss so i may forget the priceless jewels Lulled into a deep mysterious sleep
sights of lost love and glimmering hope here my emotions have diverged to gather the flowers of youth Sea
Princess you’ve awoken my dormant passion your bare hands undress me not like before O minstrel serenade me
with your lute entrance me with your distant sounds the only thing to touch me now would be the icicles from
your heart wandering through the wild and rich fields feeling now as one forever who knew such beauty could
grow in such a barren cold place Sea Princess I bestow this emerald covet and cover with all your seas.

2. A Haunting Vision (this obsequious dream)

Writhing the waves of heaven the glistening moon on my brow carried to lands of desire from deadly and
blackest slumber From savage seas and dangerous lands I wander with no hand to show these deepest dreams from
darkest nights the blackened sun torments me holding me killing me The morning dew at my feet have now left me
all alone alone and cold Through golden meadows afar a haunting vision has now appeared The blossoms that grow
around her enshroud my world with joyous tears O how serene this vision is to me the warming sun reveals a
vessel to lift me above the sea free and beyond beyond

3. Autumns Fires in Somnolent Harmony

A moonlit balcony reveals a majestic beauty “when grief wrapped its cold arms around my body the embers still
flickered in the autumn of our love” the sight of your beauty breaks the hold of sorrow on me Wandering with
passion in our hearts smelling the melodious scent of orchards bloom on a mountaintop gazing at the evening sky
in the midst of life twisting we bleed mesmerising fires breath eternal life (for which we’ve sought) Autumnal
fire on the horizon fatal embrace crying in somnolent harmony leaves falling caressing our bodies empty the
world we once knew our fires of passion and bliss now doused by rains of morrow

Debut (1996)

Demo – December 12, 1996

Recorded in Pulse Studios May 24th 1996.
Engineered by Adrian Butler with Alan Averill and Kevin Byrne.

1. The Fruit And The Sorrow 12:41
2. Burden 07:10