A Cancerous Day


Well then, here we are, absently sauntering blissfully into the second half of what has been an incredible 2013 for us in MB. Right now we are in the middle of a small lull in activity, and this is perhaps a good time to take a minute to reflect on the year so far and also cast a squinting, accusing but also anticipating eye on what lies ahead for MB in the next few months.


So, where to start??


February 22nd saw the release of our 5th album, FORMLESS, once again through our long time label, GRAU. 5 years since the release of our previous album A DISEASE for the AGES, and a solid 2 years in the writing/fighting, FORMLESS is our 1st recorded material with Pauric, who had waited patiently for his first contribution to a MB record since joining us in late 2009.


One of the major benefits that revelled itself during our overlong hiatus from the recording studio was the time and space we had to sit down and truly examine ourselves and our band from the inside out. This process proved to be a rather inspired exercise, nothing was off the table, and everything was open to discussion and individual egos /sacred cows be damned.


The result of this is what you hear on FORMLESS.


.While not reinventing the preverbal MB wheel, it certainly marks the start of a new chapter in our (de)evolution, and is something that, even nearly 6 months on from its release to the public; we are still mightily chuffed with. A quick Google search will lead you to the many, many positive reviews of the new lp, and some rather in depth interviews with various band members on the writing and recording process, so we wont pollute this update with them here. All that’s left to say on this subject is to once again publically thank Mr. Chris Fielding and Mr. Greg Chandler for their Trojan efforts that helped us in no small part realise our vision on the new lp. Cheers and eternal thanks to them both.


The future is ours, the future is FORMLESS….


With the release of FORMLESS, any and all of our feeble excuses of the previous few years to shy away from the live environment had been destroyed, so in late April we hit the stages of Ireland, UK and mainland Europe once again.

Beginning with The Siege of Limerick, our travels thus far has seen us play the hallowed ROADBURN festival, where we played, for the 1st and most very likely last time, our 2nd album, THE SULLEN SULCUS in its entirety.  A truly special night for MB, and one we won’t for get in a hurry, as it also marked the official release of TSS for the first time ever on vinyl. Double vinyl no less!  Following on from that we were beside ourselves with delight to once again head east to our 1st ever show in the Ukraine at DOOM OVER KIEV, followed by our longed for return to our friends at MOSCOW DOOM FEST. We then headed over to The Netherlands again for our first ever appearance at DORDERECHT DOOM DAYS, and then on to the very first MB headline show in London. Great times were had both on and off stage at all the above gigs/cities, and our thanks and gratitude to all the promoters and especially the punters that made for such fantastic shows and hazy memories…



The present time sees us back in the rehearsal dungeon yet again, thankfully this time we have the much less mentally draining and body corroding task of rehearsing a new look set for our future engagements, of which we have a few. This month sees our first ever visit to Romania to play at the fantastic DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING 5, followed in late September with a short, 3 day mini tour with Teutonic Doom mongers AHAB, Belgian comrades Marche Funèbre, which includes the DARKEN THE MOON fest IV, and a one off gig with our brothers OFFICIUM TRISTE. This is followed in October by a 3 date jaunt around Deutschland, taking in shows at this year’s HELL INSIDE and SKULLCRUSHER fests, and a very, very special, one off show with our friends in Carnal Ghoul in Koblenz!

This last week has also seen the announcement of 2 more MB shows in the U.K. Friday the 1st of November sees us play our first ever show on Scottish soil up in Edinburgh, before we make the 4 hour journey the next morning to Leeds, where we will play our first ever set at the rather excellent Damnation Fest.

If you’re there, and we sincerely hope you will be, you know by now where to find us….


We are delighted to announce a very special show on November 30 in our “home” city of Dublin. In conjunction with Fergal “H” Holmes at Dublin Metal Events (DME), this show will be our first headline show on home soil in quite a few years. We have of course headlined the 1st anniversary celebrations for Dublin’s hive of all things metal, INTO THE VOID RECORDS back in 2012, and again at the 2010 edition of the sorely missed DUBLIN DOOM DAYS, but this special show will be the first headline show we have done in our own right since before records began or memories began to fade, we’re not sure which…

Support on the night comes in the form of two very special, hand picked guests.

DREAD SOVERIGN, featuring 2 members of world renowned heathens PRIMORDIAL, in what is only their 2nd official gig, and opening the show we are delighted to have Norn. Ireland heavyweights TOME.

You can be sure that we will be raking over the dregs of our back catalogue to dredge up some long lost but never forgotten classics to populate our set list on the night, as well as featuring heavily on the tracks from the new album. The gig will be pay on the door but for pre sale of tickets for this special one off show it is being handled exclusively by our friends at INTO THE VOID, so take a trip over to their web store at  for full ordering details.


Lastly, while all the above has been happening, we have been involved in another, very special project behind the scenes. It is something we are incredibly excited about, and will prove to be something of a first for us, but, with the way things are shaping up, not the last. While we fully intended to keep the details firmly under wraps at present, by following our updates on our website and Facebook page, all will be revelled in our own fashion and as usual, our own time. Believe us; it will be worth the wait. So in the mean time, don’t forget to check out our fully updated web store over at, where you can get your sweaty hands on all our latest FORMLESS themed merch, and get your own copy of the newly released DLP of the majestic and much loved THE SULLEN SULCUS.


You know it makes sense.


See you all at the bar!




August 2013